Tickets for 10th Season

Thursday, June 6
Clara Begins | Souvenir De Vienne
***SOLD OUT***

Friday, June 7
10th Season Festival Gala— 200° due Clara                                            

Saturday, June 8
Family Event | I Can See Clara Now

Saturday, June 8
The Blue Sea Slumbers— Featuring GHOSTLIGHT

Saturday June 8
Late Night Jazz | Two Pianos Under One Roof

Monday, June 10
Beethoven’s Piano and Scenes From Childhood
***SOLD OUT***

Tuesday, June 11
If You Love For Beauty

Wednesday, June 12
Chelsea Farms to Table | The 2019 Family Dinner

Wednesday, June 12
Clara & The Clear Skies

Thursday, June 13
Vessels in Counterpoint

Friday, June 14
Illuminated Blue

Saturday, June 15
Family Event | The Musical Gardener Invite

Saturday, June 15
All-Star Jazz Finale with John & Sachi Patitucci