Visual Artist Assistant

Objectives: by the end of the Festival, interns should be able to

  • Communicate with professional artist in order to assist them with all needs surrounding the exhibition of their artwork

  • Speak to gallery visitors with confidence regarding the exhibited artwork and be able to facilitate sales inquiries with gallery

  • Handle artwork with professional standards of respect for the materials and space and be able to communicate this sensitivity to others

Duties: during the course of the Festival, interns will

  • Gallery sit at the exhibition and field all artwork inquiries

  • Act as a liason between the artist, gallery, and Festival administrative teams to help facilitate communication

  • Assist visual artist with whatever needs they have throughout the exhibition

  • Educate Festival team regarding the sensitivity and fragility of art materials, including overseeing that production team respects these conditions

  • Represent the artist to help make sure all needs are met and artwork is adequately handled

Desired Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:  the ideal intern candidate possesses

  • A strong sensitivity to the nature of art handling

  • Strong communication skills

  • Ability to field questions from the public

  • Art background and ability to discuss artwork

Special Requirements:

Must be able to work full time from either June 1-15th, or June 15- 30th

Desired majors: Art - Arts Administration - Art History 

Additional Application Materials: 12-15 artwork images sent in a zip file, or the equivalent as seen on your website or social media platform