Stage: Under the direction of the Rehearsal Manager, stage interns are vital to creating smooth transitions during performances

Objectives: by the end of the Festival, interns should gain experience in

  • Planning and execute stage set-ups and transitions between musical pieces

  • Creating a system to Maintain and track equipment at each event site and communicate with various teams

  • Coordinate plans with Audio, Video, and Lighting teams

Duties: during the course of the Festival, interns will

  • Review each day’s performance(s) to determine placement of musicians and all necessary instruments, chairs, stands, mics

  • Set up all necessary props for musicians before rehearsals and concerts

  • Inventory prop/equipment needs

Desired Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:  the ideal intern candidate possesses

  • Knowledge of orchestral, chamber, and jazz performances and understanding of placement of musicians on stage

  • Knowledge of types of instruments

  • Ability to communicate professionally and in a timely manner with members of various teams

  • Ability to work quickly and accurately in a team-oriented, dynamic environment

Desired majors: Music Performance; Theater - Production; Stage Management, Arts Management