Objectives: by the end of the Festival, interns should be able to

  • Showcase an ability to work in a Classical Music setting, respectful of the very sensitive and specific sound conditions

  • Create a portfolio that reflects the nature of the Festival, bringing together the performing, culinary, and visual arts

  • Work respectfully alongside hired professional photographers and professional artists and musicians

Duties: during the course of the Festival, interns will

  • Act as a documentarian for the Festival, both onstage and backstage

  • Familiarize themselves with previous Festival photography and aesthetics

  • Communicate with Administrative team regarding specific promotional needs prior to and during the Festival and act as a liason with hired photographers

  • Assist in the management of hired photographers on site to  communicate specific site conditions and photographic needs

  • Upload all photography to organization Dropbox following the Festival

Desired Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:  the ideal intern candidate possesses

  • Their own camera and appropriate lenses

  • Knowledge of how to operate in a very sensitive audio environment during performances

  • Ability to upload film when needed to Dropbox account

  • Strong communication skills to be able to talk with administrative team regarding photography needs as well as an ability to communicate with Festival artists

  • A strong photography portfolio including an ability to work in low-light environments and also showcasing strong documentarian skills

Desired majors: Art - photography 

Additional Application Materials: Portfolio of at least 20 images, or a website/social media source with at least 20 images