Lighting : The Lighting Team is responsible for creating a visually dynamic

environment for audiences.

Objectives: by the end of the Festival, interns should gain experience in

  • Planning placement of lighting in relation to the needs of each performance and the video and photography crew

  • Increased familiarity with types of lighting, their uses and limitations

  • Procedures in handling and storing lights and lighting equipment

Duties: during the course of the Festival, interns will

  • Set up and take down and store all lights and lighting equipment each day

  • Take inventory daily of all equipment.  Inform Team Lead of any repair or replacement needed

  • Plan alongside camera crew all lighting needs of each event.

  • Identify lighting needs for all locations with varied architectural features

Desired Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:  the ideal intern candidate possesses

  • Knowledge of various types of lighting systems and design

  • Skill in safe handling electrical equipment

  • Attention to detail

  • Ability to lift and carry equipment weighing 30 lbs.

  • Ability to work in a team-oriented, dynamic environment

  • Willingness to work late nights

Desired majors: Music, Theatre / Stage Design; Media - production design