Artist Liaison & Green Room

Objectives: By the end of the Festival, interns should be able to

  • Create and execute plan to welcome and care for artists

  • Anticipate the performance needs of artists

  • Collaborate with Hospitality, Stage, and Operations team members to create a supportive and enriching environment for artists

Duties: during the course of the Festival, interns will

  • Research artists and their logistical needs (i.e., storage of instruments, practice space, scheduling, photo ops)

  • Prepare greenroom: arrange and restock refreshments, keep area clear and clean before and during rehearsals and performances

  • Communicate to production, ops, and hospitality teams regarding the needs of artists

  • If needs, assist the Artistic Directors with logistics and team communication

Desired Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: the ideal intern candidate possesses

  • Knowledge of how to handle artists’ physical effects (i.e. if visual artist has heat/light/ sensitive equipment, where are they stored?  How do you properly store and carry specific instruments?)

  • Knowledge of music performance or fine art exhibits preferred

  • Strong skills in professional oral communication

  • Ability to communicate in a timely, efficient manner with team members

Desired majors: Arts Management, Public Relations, Music, Visual Arts