Chelsea Music Festival
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Anne-Sophie Mutter Foundation

A Note about the Chelsea Music Festival from violinist and CMF 2012 Partner,

Anne-Sophie Mutter:

It is once again my great pleasure and honor to partner with the Chelsea Music Festival this year. It fills me with tremendous joy to witness the continued realization of the truly unique CMF vision: understanding music not as an isolated branch, but rather building bridges between art genres and diverse traditions and cultures through music.  CMF gives both artists and audiences a chance to see the interplay between areas of life which one would not generally find in this context.  This coming summer season I look forward in particular to the culinary arts that will surely shine as one of our most valued cultural treasures as they will be executed with passion, dedication and skill.

What I applaud the Chelsea Music Festival for and am equally passionate about are the varied and manifold opportunities CMF offers to all its young musicians to perform.  It is here where they can present themselves to the audience in fascinating, surprising and spectacular contexts and performance venues.  It is for this reason that one of my Foundation artists – Ye-Eun Choi – performed in last year’s Festival. This summer, I am so proud to have the young French violinist Fanny Clamagirand, a member of the ensemble “Mutter’s Virtuosi,” join CMF as the 2012 Artist-in-Residence and that she will have varied opportunities to share her extraordinary talent with this year’s Festival audience.

I wish every artist and audience member a wonderful and unforgettable time at the Chelsea Music Festival 2012.

Anne-Sophie Mutter