333 Chorale Project

In honor of Bach's 333rd birthday, Festival musicians will perform a total of 333 Chorales during the span of our nine Festival days!

While some will be woven into our evening performances & Festival Events,
other chorales and Bach solo suites will happen at pop-up locations every day throughout the Festival at 3:33pm!


What is a "chorale"?

Chorales usually have a simple and catchy melody to which a hymn is sung, written with a strong harmony.  Bach composed hundreds of chorales for four-part vocal harmonies— soprano, alto, tenor, bass. 

See below for when you can catch a free performance of Bach's chorales!

All at 3:33pm!!

Friday, June 8— Verona Quartet (string quartet) @ St. Paul's German Lutheran Church

Saturday, June 9— Verona Quartet (string quartet) @ St. Peter's Episcopal Church

Sunday, June 10— Festival Artists @ Counter Culture Coffee

Monday, June 11— Verona Quartet (string quartet) @ Norwood Club (garden) Please reserve your spot!

Tuesday, June 12— Jesus Rodolfo (viola) @ Norwood Club (garden) Please reserve your spot!

Wednesday, June 13— Jonathan Butler (cello) @ Norwood Club (garden) Please reserve your spot!