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Carte Blanche to the Verona Quartet— Ravel, Beethoven and a World Premiere

  • St. Paul's German Lutheran Church 315 West 22nd Street New York, NY, 10011 United States (map)

The Festival’s annual Carte Blanche event allows the 2017 Ensemble-in-Residence full artistic freedom in creating a program that highlights its reflection on the Festival theme, “Measuring Time.”

At the center of the program is the World Premiere performance of a string quartet from Etudes & Lullabies by Composer-in-Residence Sebastian Currier, commissioned by the Chelsea Music Festival as part of a world-wide, multi-year commissioning project. The string quartets of Maurice Ravel and Ludwig van Beethoven that flank the premiere, are milestones in the string quartet repertoire composed at opposite ends of the 19th century.

A curated reception will follow the performance.

6:30— Festival Talks III | Lecture by Michael Shadlen, MD, PhD, Professor of NeuroScience, Columbia University

7:30— Musical Performance

Anticipation and Timing— Where the Neuroscience of Cognition and Aesthetics Meet

Time-sense is the foundation of rhythm, causal inference, and memory. Dr. Shadlen will share insights from neuroscience about sensing and reproducing short intervals of time, like the beats of Beethoven’s metronome. The brain’s ability to free itself from the immediacy of sensation and action holds the key to thought, planning, decision making and creativity. Such freedom from immediacy necessitates a mechanism to sense and control time, which the brain achieves through anticipation. It is anticipation of time and other regularities that establishes the connection between cognition and aesthetic expression/appreciation…and perhaps why a metronome marking might meander.


Ravel String Quartet in F Major 
Currier Etude: Interactions and Lullaby: Pulsing (World Premiere)
Beethoven Op. 131


Ensemble-In-Residence | Verona Quartet

This evening's reception is sponsored by Lauren & John Browning