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Beethoven’s Groove— Late Night Jazz with Helen Sung

  • St. Paul's German Lutheran Church 315 West 22nd Street New York, NY, 10011 United States (map)

Helen Sung and her special guests present her original takes on Telemann, Beethoven and Time this evening. Helen writes:
For musicians of all genres, time is a key element, affecting every part of the musical experience - tempo, pacing, energy, mood, momentum, etc. Jazz musicians think a lot about "time" in terms of the groove (swing), and as a classical pianist who transitioned to Jazz, practicing with a metronome was a big part of how I learned to swing. I'm excited to explore Beethoven through my now more seasoned Jazz perspective - to share my personal take on Beethoven's "groove."


Piano | Helen Sung
Bass | Boris Kozlov
Drums | Henry Cole
Ensemble | Verona Quartet
& Festival Musicians